Story-fueled, data-driven copy that sticks

When you have something great in store, don't settle for stiff writing and guesswork.

The art of writing for business is often lost to some very important numbers: CTRs, keyword density, and the like. And it happens at the expense of one crucial element—the writing itself. 

When you're set to launch something you've poured much of your heart and soul into, that simply won't stick. You need to convey your message in the most effective way you can, but also you need it to keep it you.

That's where I come in. I'm Armand, a B2B copywriter and content strategist based out of Manila, Philippines. 

I help creative businesses amplify their brand using story-fueled and thoroughly researched writing. In keeping this view, we'll be able to strike a balance and craft effective copy that's true to your brand.

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“Armand’s work is impassioned, restless, and thorough. His ideas have brought our product 10x in traffic, sales and partnerships.”

Ritz Aguspina, Product Developer

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