The Year Ahead: I'm skipping the "reset button"...

I’m skipping the “reset button”…

Maybe you should too.

Modern culture’s biggest, most dimwitted “reset button” had come and gone. It’s the first day of the year—a clean slate, as people call it. A collective do-over voucher valid for when you inevitably give up on the menial life changes you wish to make.

You know: that ol’ “new year, new me” chestnut.

Make no mistake. I was one of those wide-eyed “I promise, this year will be it” kind of people. I started 2018 hoping to employ a number of changes but quickly jumped ship when things proved too difficult.

My internal dialogue went like this: “It’s hard to feel yourself slowly sink into a rut, but it’s harder to furrow yourself out of one.”

Eventually, of course, I managed to find my footing. I worked my way from one life aspect to another—career, finances, family, a new relationship, and creative fulfillment—and later find myself in a comfortable place.

This year is the complete opposite of how 2018 started. I’m actually in a good place—not the twisted kind that Eleanor and Chidi find themselves stuck in, but one where I feel like I can’t complain. This time, I have something great going on in every front.

The crazy antics of digital continues to win me over. I’m able to provide much better to my parents. I’ve made so many great friends. My partnership with Geoff flourishes quite beautifully.

And more, the long list of passion projects in my pipeline is slowly getting traction. Unreel, as of this writing, is growing stat- and community-wise. Geoff and I have always envisioned it as a community-first platform, so our shift of focus to multimedia (audio and video) have been very scary and exciting, which tells us it’s probably the right decision.

Our first podcast together—”Pervision“—is now out on iTunes, Spotify, and just about everywhere you can listen to podcasts. It’s our very first multimedia baby, and I’m excited to see where it leads.

You see, having said all that, it sounds like the biggest difference between my 2018 self and my 2019 self is that now I have so much more to lose. And I have to hold on to what I currently have.

And that’s what I’ll do. This year, I’ll take a different approach.

Instead of grabbing once again this illusory “1UP” that is the New Year, I’ll keep on trying to hit a stride and take precious care of what I’m lucky to have.

This year, I’ll look at what I’ve achieved in the past year with even wider eyes, happy that I’ve skipped the reset button.