Creating content got you pulling your hair out?

Grow your audience and get more clients with bespoke done-for-you content and copywriting services.

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You hate creating content, so I built this

You’re a business owner. No one expects you to blog…

…that is, until content marketing became a thing.

Today, you absolutely need content if you have hopes of selling a service online. It helps you build authority, community, and trust—all crucial elements of making the sale.

Trouble is, creating content is hard. It takes so much of your time and energy. Time and energy that is better spent on helping your clients.

What’s more, you have a lot to think about when you do content marketing: SEO, social media, content creation, and more. If you don’t live and breathe content, it will feel tough. Which it is.

That’s exactly why I offer content services.

I serve creative businesses and service providers like you with bespoke, end-to-end content services designed to take you hands off content creation back to your business.

A content framework that gets results

So much of the content created every day collect dust in company blogs, down in the very depths of the internet.

If you pay hundreds of dollars for it, you 100% would want your content to get results.

Building an email list, converting visitors into business leads, or increasing brand awareness—regardless of what your business goals, my content framework helps you get the best mileage out of your content.

It all starts with context. After working with great global brands like Samsung, GetCraft, and Flywheel, I’ve learned that as soon as you contextualize your content, success becomes much easier. It is a lot like starting a journey in an RPG and choosing which campaigns to play. Each journey is different and poses a different set of challenges.

The illustration above shows what I mean. The big mistake I notice with many content marketing teams is that they fire from all cylinders when it’s much easier to focus on getting the first one to work then move onto the next.

It’s through this simple but smart approach that I hope to help your business. By honing in one specific goal at a time, I’m able to get results quicker for you.

Armand has incredible passion for storytelling, data, and impact. More than content, he delivers results. We enjoyed working with him, as will you.


Jackson Riso

Lorem Technologies

Content creation service that works for your business—not the other way around

Done-for-you, because you have a business to run

My framework is designed to work even if you don’t involve yourself all that much in the process, so you can work on more important things, like growing your business.

Bespoke, because your business solves unique problems

You deserve a service tailored to your business’ needs. Because we only work with a handful of clients, my team and I are able to deliver content that helps achieve your business’ unique goals.

Optimized, because you want results—not just content

More than great content, you want results. Business leads, brand awareness, community building—tell my team what success looks like, and we’ll optimize our work accordingly.

Simple quarterly pricing*

🥉 Premium
  • One (1) article every month
  • Research & content calendaring
  • Lead magnet development**
  • Copy editing
  • Featured images
  • Content upgrades***
  • Content distribution****
  • Blog setup
🥈 Business
  • Two (2) articles every month
  • Research & content calendaring
  • Lead magnet development**
  • Copy editing
  • Featured images
  • Content upgrades***
  • Content distribution****
  • Blog setup
🥇 Enterprise
  • Four (4) articles every month
  • Research & content calendaring
  • Lead magnet development**
  • Copy editing
  • Featured images
  • Content upgrades***
  • Content distribution****
  • Blog setup

*Pricing is based on quarterly engagement.
**Lead magnet development charges an additional one-time fee of $1K.
***Content upgrades include printable PDFs, checklists, templates, Pinterest Pins, and more.
****Content distribution assets include social media copy, social media graphics, email newsletter copy, and more.

Armand’s work is impassioned, restless, and thorough. His ideas have brought our product 10x in traffic, sales and partnerships.


Ritz Aguspina


Looking for more services?


Conversion copywriting for service-based businesses. My words and ideas have helped companies like Samsung, Flywheel, GetCraft, and more.

Email marketing

Email marketing services for small-to-medium service-based businesses. Increase brand loyalty, lead generation, and customer base using email.

Trusted by global brands


Do you only work with service-based businesses?

Most of my clients have service-based businesses. I am, however, open to working with other industries as well. Take the intake form below to see if we’re a good fit.

Do you work independently (non-agency)?


However, I do work with my own team, which is comprised of designers, junior copywriters, SEO specialists and more.

What does the service packages include?

Each service package includes everything a business owner or service provider needs with regard to content marketing.

Each package comes with the content itself, content calendaring, copy editing, asset creation, blog setup, and more.

How do you deliver your service?

I prefer to work in conjunction with your marketing team (if you have one).

I would be bringing on a team with me. The size will depend on the complexity of each project. We would be working with one person from your marketing team or yourself as a founder or business owner.

The process can be as hands-off as you want. However, we advise a monthly standup update to help you understand each movement.

Is there a lock-in period?

The minimum lock-in period for all plans is three months.

This gives me and my team enough time to get you the results you want with your blog. Contract renewals happen quarterly.

Create content at scale—without the headache.

End-to-end content service for service-based businesses. Limited slots only.