Armed with a cup of coffee, I help creative B2B companies make better work by doing less.

I sit snuggly where life and work intersect, writing web copy and making creative products for small businesses and personal brands working in the B2B space.

Hi, I’m Armand—a caffeine-charged copywriter and content strategist.

Based out of my beautiful home studio in Manila, I produce thoughtfully-crafted and high-converting copy and content for creative B2B companies who have their hands full trying to grow.

My words and ideas are paired with data and research to make copy and content that are effective but ultimately feel true to your brand.

I offer a whole menu of delightful copywriting and content creation services designed to save your website from low conversion and low engagement.

So how about we treat your brand to a cup of copy—plus an extra shot of conversion, maybe?

Brands I’ve worked with…

“Armand’s work is impassioned, restless, and thorough. His ideas have brought our product—Typistx10 growth in traffic and thousands of dollars in sales and partnerships.”


Sr. Product Development Manager, Nuffnang Philippines