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Hi, I'm Armand! 

I'm the co-founder of Alab.Media, a network of "passion sites", including Unreel, Tech Rejects, Happy Online Jobs, and more. I'm a copywriter, creative thinker, strategist, cinephile, and a pop culture connoisseur.

My writing is focused on the creative life and how to build a sustainable and fulfilling life built around the things you love doing the most.

I've been sticking to my passions for years. And though I don't have all the answers, I'm happy to share what I know and learn about turning what you love into a viable career or business.

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Current Projects

Projects that I'm currently working on.


A multimedia platform (blog, videos, and podcasts) that aims to cover Philippine cinema through friendly and insightful discussions.


My own take on tech journalism. Where other tech sites are filled with jargon, Tech Rejects’ coverage uncovers how tech impacts our mundane lives.


Freelance-slash-remote work job boards I’ve built out of the frustration that few decent jobs prop up to the homepage of other job boards.

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